At LA, we only stock the highest quality products. Our preferred ‘botulinum toxin’ is manufactured by Allergan, and is the original ‘Botox®’, first approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1989, making it the first botulinum toxin type A product to be approved in the world.

Botox® is a prescription-only medical product and is injected, in very small amounts, into specific muscles, in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It acts by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles and so reducing muscle movement. The results can last around 3 to 6 months, depending on the individual.

During your appointment, a full consultation will take place and a consent form will be given to you to complete and sign. The procedure can either be completed after the consultation, or at a later date. The treatment takes about ten minutes to complete.

The results start to show around day 3 post treatment and develop over during the subsequent two weeks. Follow up appointments are generally advised at two weeks, if required, to ensure the treatment has had time to develop and the desired results have been achieved.

Every aesthetic practitioner will have their own post procedure instructions, however at LA we only ask you to refrain from exercise until the following day and to avoid lying down flat for 4 hours.

BOTOX One Area Two Areas Three Areas
Allergan Botox £180.00 £230.00 £270.00
Hyperhydrosis Tx £299.00 £499.00 -

There are some lines/wrinkles that are present at rest, and require treatment using a dermal filler.

At LA we use the Juvederm® range, manufactured by Allergan. Juvederm® is made up of Hyalauronic Acid (HA), a product found naturally in the skin which depletes gradually, due to the ageing process and the environment.

Juvederm® is a non-permanent transparent gel which is injected into the skin to treat fine lines, medium sized depressions, facial contouring, as well as the enhancement and definition of the lips. A local anaesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment to numb the area. Juvederm® also contains lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, which numbs the area throughout the treatment.

Fillers normally last around a year, depending on the amount injected and the area treated.

DERMAL FILLERS Half Syringe 1ml Syringe Extra Syringe
from £125.00 from £250.00 from £150.00
Cheek Enhancement - £350.00 £250.00
Mini Face Lift (3mls) - £600.00 -
Face Lift (6mls) - £1100.00 -

Moles are removed using a diathermy procedure which shaves away the mole and cauterises the wound bed. An injection of local anaesthetic is used to numb the area prior to removal. All clients are advised to see their GP in order to have the mole checked in order to ensure it is safe for removal.

Following removal, there will be a flat, light brown mark in place of the mole. The body will form a scab and once the wound has healed, the scab will come away. After care and scar management will be explained, and it is advised to apply a silicone gel, such as Kelocote, to help reduce the risk of scarring.

The diathermy method ensures a safe, precise, quick removal, leaving minimal to no scarring.

Manual £44.00 £64.00 £74.00 £80.00
Diathermy £99.00 £180.00 £255.00 £320.00

Products, protocols and treatments are provided by LA for a wide range of skin disorders and conditions, using the ZO Medical and Skin Health range. Based on the latest advances in skin therapy technology, the products and programmes developed by the practitioner are optimized for the specific needs of the client. The products are of a medical grade, and therefore treat skin conditions, support daily skin health and provide protection from the environment.

During a consultation, an LA practitioner will discuss the specific needs of the individual and devise a suitable skin care regime.

Once a protocol has been followed for 4-6 weeks, a peel may be suggested.

Thread veins are tiny veins just under the skin that have become dilated.

Thread veins usually occur on the legs. They tend to be hereditary, commonly appear in pregnancy (thought to be due to high levels of oestrogen), and are more common with increasing age. Being overweight and smoking also seems to increase the likelihood of developing them.

To reduce the appearance of thread veins, a substance called Scleremo® is used.

When injected, Scleremo® breaks down the lining of the vein and causes the blood to stick to the damaged wall. The body then breaks down the coagulated blood leaving behind a fibrous cord, resulting in complete obliteration of the vein. The treated veins will not come back, however other thread veins may appear over time.

Following treatment, the veins will appear darker, and will become lighter as it heals. This can take up to 3 weeks or more, depending on the individual.

THREAD VEINSOne AreaTwo AreasThree Areas
Sclerotherapy £55.00 £75.00 £95.00