Polydioxanone (PDO) threads have been used for wound closure worldwide for more than 15 years. This type of thread is safe and has less discomfort and downtime associated with its less invasive insertion technique.

PDO threads can be as fine as a hair strand, and are fully biodegradable, therefore dissolving over a 6 month period. Collagen fibres form around the threads and remain in place once the threads have dissolved.

Different lengths and thicknesses of threads are used, depending on the desired result, skin condition and the amount of ‘lift’ required. Deeper threads can be inserted to lift the brows, and to anchor and lift the jaw line, marionettes and jowel area. Superficial threads are used to lift out and reduce fine lines, stimulate skin tightening, and provide facial contouring.

Discomfort and tightness following insertion is moderate, lasting 3-4 days. It is advised to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs (ie. Ibuprofen) following treatment, because they will suppress inflammation. This inflammation is required for new collagen production. Bruising is minimal, however aspirin, plavix, garlic and vitamins C and E thin the blood and therefore make bruising more likely.

Results are visible immediately, but improve in time - the end result is seen 3 months following treatment and lasts up to three years. Follow up consultations are recommended at 1 month and 3 months.

Skin tags are common, acquired, harmless skin growths that look like a small piece of soft, hanging skin. Some individuals may be more prone to tags than others. They normally appear where there is constant friction/rubbing of the skin and therefore obesity and being moderately overweight dramatically increase the chances of having skin tags. Some small tags spontaneously rub or fall off painlessly. However, most tags remain apparent once formed.

To remove the skin tag, your LA practitioner will put a tiny injection of local anaesthetic into the base of the tag in order to numb the area. Once numb, the skin tag is removed and a shower-proof dressing is applied for 48 hours.

A consultation will be given prior to the treatment and a consent form will need to be completed and signed.

A follow up appointment is not normally required.

Manual £44.00 £64.00 £74.00 £80.00
Diathermy £99.00 £180.00 £255.00 £320.00