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Medical aesthetic treatments; building a new found confidence since 2007.

Building confidence and offering a different perspective for over ten years

Building confidence and offering a different perspective for over ten years

Established in 2007 after recognising a gap in the market for accessible quality cosmetic treatments, Luxton Aesthetics offers non-surgical, high quality, cosmetic aesthetic treatments throughout London, Essex and Kent.

Our treatments

Reinstall your confidence and discover our exclusive skin, face and body treatments.

Luxton Aesthetics at your fingertips

Luxton Aesthetics at your fingertips

Whether you’re at home, at work or on the move, for a quick and efficient way to get in touch and to book an appointment at the touch of a button, download the Luxton Aesthetics app.

“Rebecca is so lovely and she has been perfect since the first time I went to her for advice on treatments. I always feel relaxed and know that my final result will be exactly what I asked for."


"Rebecca is a very understanding lady, she puts you at ease and is very good at what she does – would highly recommend."


"Rebecca is fantastic and I feel totally relaxed and confident in her care."


"I am very, very pleased with Rebecca, she is the best practitioner I have found – I love the results!"


"100% the only person I trust now."


"Brilliant is an understatement; Rebecca is the best."


"I've been going to Rebecca for years. She is extremely professional and very good at what she does."


"Wouldn't go anywhere else after using Rebecca – excellent as always."


"I highly recommend Rebecca. I feel safe and pleased with the results every time."


"I'm always really happy with how my appointments go. Rebecca is so friendly and really professional."



Picking your practitioner

When a patient comes to see us wanting a treatment we discuss their requirements and establish a plan of care, always working on the basis...

Cheek enhancement treatment

As we age, we develop volume loss to the cheeks, and the fat pads within this area start to change (some get bigger and some...

“My mate asked to do my lips!”

“My mate asked to do my lips for me” is something I hear a lot. If someone is asking or begging to do your lips...

Tricks of the Trade and Social Media

When looking through social media and at other aesthetics pages, it becomes extremely clear, very quickly, why people are so easily conned into believing the...

The direct and indirect approach

A common problem area for patients is the marionette area – (the lines/folds extending from the corners of the mouth to the jowl/jaw line). There...


“Fake Botox” was discussed recently on Fake Britain on BBC 1. In summary, the programme emphasises the ‘4 P’s’ I talk about when it comes...