Specialist procedures for Luxton Aesthetics during COVID-19

Luxton Aesthetics Ltd recognises the risks associated with providing medical treatments during this time.  Adjustments have therefore been made to clinical practice.  As medical practitioners, we will continue to reflect and review how we adjust practice to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.   

We will continue to carry out risk assessments for each procedure, focusing on protecting both patients and staff whilst delivering appropriate and safe treatments.  We will be guided by the  Government guidelines and our governing professional body.  It is the responsibility of each practitioner to “take all reasonable personal precautions necessary to avoid any potential health risks to colleagues, people receiving care, and the public” (NMC: The Code).


  • Due to beauty salons remaining closed, we are only operating out of two medical premises until otherwise advised by the Government. 
  • We are limiting the number of individuals within the clinic space.  We are operating on a one-in-one-out procedure and therefore only taking single bookings for each appointment slot.  Patients MUST attend appointments alone – this is fundamental in minimizing transmission. 
  • The waiting areas are closed – patients are required to wait outside the building before being let in by their practitioner at the time of their appointment. 
  • Sanitising Stations are set up in the clinic entrance for use on entry and exit. 
  • All leaflets and magazines will be removed from the waiting area.  Price lists and information leaflets can be provided on request.
  • Clinic equipment and surfaces/door handles will be cleaned in between each appointment.  Extra time for this will be allocated in between appointments.
  • Disposable couch roll is used to cover the couch, and changed in between appointments.
  • Hand washing facilities are available at each location.
  • Individuals will be taken directly into the treatment room and the treatment room door will remain closed during the appointment. 
  • A cleaning checklist will be displayed for the clinical area. 


  • A health screening medical questionnaire and consent form will be provided.  Please do NOT attend clinic if you or a member of your household is unwell. 
  • Appointment bookings will be taken in advance via telephone/text/email/online.  Appointments cannot over-run.  Where possible, treatments need to be decided in advance ensuring enough time has been allocated to the appointment. 
  • Individuals cannot be let into the building early – please arrive on time for your appointment.  A message will be sent to confirm the practitioner is ready.  The practitioner will then come and let you into the building.
  • Top ups and follow up appointments will be booked in.  However due to the limited availability following lockdown and new allocation of additional cleaning time, we cannot guarantee additional follow-up appointments will be available if the initial top up is cancelled. 
  • Masks are available if required.  Where possible please bring your own to clinic. 
  • A temperature reader is available – temperatures must be under 37.3’C to have treatment. 
  • A 15 day restriction will be advised if individuals have travelled overseas.

Procedure risk assessment

A risk assessment will be carried out for each procedure:

  • The type of procedure – is it an aerosol generating procedure?
  • The area of procedure – face, body etc.
  • Will there be contact with mucosa? – dermal filler to the lips and mouth/peri-oral area would be deemed as higher risk due to the possible airborne particles within the saliva.  Patients will be individually assessed prior to the procedure and additional personal protective equipment (PPE) will be worn when carrying out such treatments. 
  • Can the patient wear a mask?
  • The procedure time – the number of treatments carried out per appointment will be reduced to minimise the length of time spent in close contact.
  • The level of invasiveness – all treatments provided at Luxton Aesthetics Ltd are minimally invasive.
  • Does the treatment create a plume, spray or aerosol?  Mole and skin tag removal uses a diathermy machine which creates a plume as the mole/tag is burnt away.  We use a smoke extractor which removes the plume directly from the source.  The surgical pencils and electrodes are single use and disposed of in clinical waste.   Patients will be individually assess prior to this procedure and additional PPE will be worn when carrying out mole/tag removal.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) 

  • All staff are trained in ‘donning and doffing’ PPE – courses ran by the Mid Essex Health Trust have been attended and completed.
  • A single use fluid-resistant surgical mask is worn by the practitioner at all times to provide barrier protection against respiratory droplets reaching the mucosa of the mouth and nose.  These are adequate for short appointment non-aerosol generating procedures.
  • Face protection in the form of surgical goggles are worn by the practitioner when carrying out plume generating procedures.  FFP3 masks are used for these procedures.
  • Disposable aprons and gloves are worn and discarded between patients.  A plastic disposable apron is applied once in the clinic room prior to treatment, and then removed at the end of the procedure before exiting the clinic room.  Disposable gloves are changed multiple times throughout the treatment depending on their use and contamination in accordance with infection control.
  • All infection control precautions are taken per procedure – practitioners are trained in asepsis and infection control.  Such courses are mandatory and are completed on an annual basis.  An additional infection control course specific to COVID-19, organised by the Mid Essex Health Trust, has also been completed. 
  • Work wear is to be bare below the elbows.  Hand washing and the application of hand sanitiser should include both forearms.  Work wear is to be washed separately at 60’C.
  • The practitioners hair is to be tied back at all times.


  • Both cash and card payments are accepted.
  • The card terminal is disinfected in between appointments.  Individuals can inset and remove their own card and tear off their receipt if needed.
  • Hands will be cleaned and sanitised again after handling cash money.