“My mate asked to do my lips for me” is something I hear a lot.

If someone is asking or begging to do your lips for you, it’s because they need the practice. Although there’s always a first time for everyone, it’s important that this practice is carried out under strict supervision in the right environment.

A medical professional (Nurse/Doctor) already has the initial training – the knowledge and skills to assess, plan and treat an individual. They will have gained years of injecting skills as well as the knowledge of what to do if something goes wrong. Following a minimum of 4 years in medical school, a medical practitioner can then study for additional qualifications to obtain the skill set required to inject botulinum toxin and fillers.

A non-medical practitioner does not have this initial training. They jump into the aesthetics training having had no previous knowledge or experience. They also lack the additional skills to react correctly when things don’t go to plan.  All reputable aesthetics training programmes do not allow non-medical individuals onto the course. But there are numerous ‘Academies’ throughout the UK that do.

The injecting of botulinum toxin (Botox®) without a prescribing qualification remains illegal.  Unfortunately the injecting of dermal fillers is not regulated in the same way, so it’s even more important to be diligent when choosing a dermal filler practitioner.

You wouldn’t let the hospital cleaner take your bloods and give you your medication whilst you’re lying in a hospital bed, so why would you let a non-medical individual inject unregulated fillers into your face?