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Our Treatments

The highest quality, luxury products using the latest techniques, technologies and processes.

Our treatments

Explore our treatments to discover which ones can be used to treat each part of the face and body.

Luxton Aesthetics gift card

Luxton Aesthetics gift card

For the perfect gift for your loved one, choose a Luxton Aesthetics digital gift card. Available to use on any treatment.


“Rebecca is so lovely and she has been perfect since the first time I went to her for advice on treatments. I always feel relaxed and know that my final result will be exactly what I asked for."


"I have been going to Rebecca for Botox for years. She is extremely professional and very good at what she does."


"Luxton Aesthetics is the best! I've experienced the bad previously, so I'm so glad that I have now found Rebecca, she has restored my faith in dermal fillers and done a fantastic job on my tear troughs."


"Brilliant is an understatement; Rebecca is the best."


"I am very pleased with the skin tag removal treatment. It was virtually pain free and quick. Rebecca was very professional and efficient."


"100% the only person I trust now to do my lip fillers."