As we age, we develop volume loss to the cheeks, and the fat pads within this area start to change (some get bigger and some get smaller).  The facial tissue starts to feel like it’s dropping and we notice an indentation/line forming from the tear trough area down across the middle of the cheek. This is called malar fat pad separation.

Filler is therefore injected under the muscle along the contour of the cheek to add support and to lift the natural structure forward. This gives a very natural enhancement to the cheek area and softens the indentation to the malar fat pad.

Adding to the cheeks creates natural definition and contour, however you must be mindful of the amount being injected. At Luxton Aesthetics we are a huge advocate of ‘less is more’ – it’s about getting a balance and ensuring enough is injected to make a difference whilst keeping the results natural.  Results can be achieved over time. We often recommend a staged approach,  starting with 1ml and allowing it time to adjust and settle. A review can then be carried out 4 weeks later, and a further ml can be added if required.