A common problem area for patients is the marionette area – (the lines/folds extending from the corners of the mouth to the jowl/jaw line).

There are two ways of treating this area depending on a number of factors:

(1)        The  facial structure of the individual as a whole

(2)        The budget available

(3)        The individuals main concerns and the results they desire

Treatment option one – the indirect approach

As we age, the fat pads to the upper face change and we experience volume loss and a lowering of the tissue. The cheeks add structural support to the face and help to prevent the tissue dropping. If there is volume loss in the cheeks and the face is lacking support, it may therefore be advised to follow the ‘indirect approach’. We would suggest treating the cheek area first, adding in support and volume, which in turn may soften the lines/folds to the marionettes.

Despite this though, it is then likely that treatment will be required to the marionette area itself to reduce the lines sufficiently, however less product would be required to the marionettes having already added support to the cheeks.

Treatment option two – the direct approach

On some occasions the volume and support structure is sufficient and doesn’t require treatment. Therefore the ‘direct approach’ is  applied to treat solely the marionettes. This is the best approach if adhering to a tighter budget and wanting a more noticeable difference to a specific area.

Always remember though, just like all treatments at Luxton Aesthetics, each one is prescribed for the individual – one size does not fit all.