When a patient comes to see us wanting a treatment we discuss their requirements and establish a plan of care, always working on the basis that “less is more” whilst still ensuring that enough product is used to notice an enhancement.

We take huge pride in our work and believe creating natural enhancements is a work of art, however not everyone can get this right. What one individual sees as aesthetically pleasing may not be to another’s taste and unfortunately within the filler world, both practitioners and patients can get carried away. Practitioners want to increase their sales and patients get used to their appearance feeling they need more and more.

As Clinical Nurse Specialists, we adhere to a code of conduct and the safety and well-being of our patient(s) is paramount.  We do not “sell” products.  We advise on the best treatment for that individual and we would rather tell someone that a treatment isn’t needed, than add filler for the sake of it, we get no enjoyment out of treating someone who doesn’t need it.  We like to see beautiful enhancements, aiding an individuals wellbeing and self confidence.

A lot of our patients are being ‘sold to’ by other practitioners. For example,  whilst having a filling at a dental appointment, they’re told they could do with a bit of filler in their lips.  We don’t agree or like this approach as we believe insecurities are then created by pointing out areas that don’t necessarily need treatment just to get the sale (or practice in some practitioners cases).

Everyone has the right to have treatment wherever they choose and with the practitioner they feel the most comfortable with. We’re not saying that it has to be us, our natural ‘less is more’ approach isn’t going to suit everybody. However, there is nothing more upsetting than taking pride in your work creating beautiful natural enhancements, to then have another practitioner come along and wreck it all.

A face can be totally changed by adding the incorrect product/too much filler/over inflated lips.  If all practitioners mastered their skills within their own specialism, we wouldn’t have to do half the correctional work we do. We hear of midwives, physiotherapists, dentists, and people with absolutely no medical background whatsoever offering filler.  It takes years of study and practice to gain expertise in each medical specialism.  We would never deliver a baby, diagnose an achilles injury, or whiten someone’s teeth, yet people think that following a one day course they can master the skills within our specialism.

Please don’t be sucked in by the free/cheaper treatments offered and the pushy sales people, people should not be pushed into having treatments. At Luxton Aesthetics, consultations are provided free to ensure a patient is fully informed of all the information regarding a procedure. It gives them a chance to go away and have a think, processing all the information they’ve been given. There is never any obligation to go ahead with a treatment and we are always on call to answer questions and give advise.