When looking through social media and at other aesthetics pages, it becomes extremely clear, very quickly, why people are so easily conned into believing the unbelievable and use under-qualified and inexperienced practitioners.

When looking at another local aesthetics company in particular, it quickly became apparent that all the before and after photos followed a pattern. All the ‘before’ photos were taken looking down onto the lip from a high angle – taking the photos from the top of the head looking down on the lips makes the upper lip look THIN!

All the ‘after’ photos were taken from a different angle to that of the ‘before’ photo. The ‘after’ photo was taken looking up at the lips from the bottom of the face. Looking up at the lips makes the upper lip look FULLER!

To demonstrate what we mean, we have taken our own photos following the above, misleading method of showing different angles of the lips. The top image is taken from a higher angle creating a thinner lip. The bottom image is taken from a lower angle creating a fuller lip – no filler has been added in the bottom photo, we have purely changed the angle of the camera.

Some practitioners will always try to filter and alter photos to create the wow factor and draw the customers in, but we as consumers have to remain mindful of what is real and what is quite obviously fake.

A 0.5ml syringe will create an incredibly natural enhancement, adding subtle volume and definition, however we must always remember that treatments are individual and results will differ from person to person.

Always do your research – find a practitioner with years of experience, medical knowledge and qualifications to back that up.  The one to seven day courses advertised to the public online are not even comparable to the years of study gained at medical school.